We have good experience in publishing and have been involved in some formidable publishing projects for the private, public and civil society sector.

Reputation Management & Crisis Communication

The trust of customers and the public is developed by how companies manage reputational risk and crisis response. Members of our team have built a proven record, validated by client satisfaction scores, of protecting the most important, yet fragile, organizational asset: reputation. We can offer counsel to all kinds of organizations including NGO’s, government entities and high-profile individuals.

Stakeholder Engagement

Identifying key stakeholders can be complex and that’s where we dedicate ourselves. We are connected and experienced. We help you understand, prioritize and effectively engage with stakeholders who matter most to their issues, causes and organizations. Our capabilities range from grassroots to global, and we have helped different clients to partner and effect change through education, dialogue, raise awareness and even influence leaders. 

Digital & Content Marketing

We are influencers in digital and social media and that heritage and experience allows us to help clients navigate new online frontiers. The best way to ensure that you’re everywhere you need to be, all the time is to have a 360-degree approach to your digital marketing strategy. Through our digital marketing services, we make sure that your message is being seen on the right platform, in the right context, at the right time.

Event PR and Strategy

We make sure that your event communication is led by a robust strategy, and we implement tactics that promote your event, mitigate reputational risk and ensure it remains newsworthy. With years of experience working on a wide variety of events, we are able to weave your brand narrative into the event branding and direction and effectively assist with the planning of crisis communication plans as well as photography and videography briefs. Our services also include influencer and celebrity engagement, social media campaigns and content plans, inviting media, bloggers, influencers and celebrity guests, attending events, hosting media and others, assisting with photo captioning, interview facilitation and social media.

Social Media Strategy & Execution

Social media is integral to the communication matrix. Our expertise ensures that your social media strategy will not only be on point for your brand or organisation, but also resonate with your audiences in a way that is relevant to the news cycle where applicable. We always include reputation management in our social media strategies, navigating your brand through the online sphere. Our social media services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy and protocol document generation.
  • Advertising planning and management.
  • Campaign ideation, planning and implementation.
  • General content plan generation and implementation.
  • Social media visuals creation (in line with respective social media visual regulations).

Media Relations

Rwanda’s media landscape has evolved over the last 10-to-15 years. Besides the fact that a certain section of our team is from the newsroom, we have also spent years building positive relationships with traditional media, bloggers and influencers and we will always ensure that your brand is featured in top tier media, managing the narrative and giving you maximum exposure.

Content Development

We believe that great storytelling and the ability to consistently generate high-quality, highly relevant engaging content can be a powerful differentiator for brands and organizations. Our expert writers and content generators ensure that you not only always have something to talk about, but that it’s appropriate for your audiences and channels and gains traction, reach and engagement. We develop tailor-made content that works with all levels of your communication strategy and across multiple platforms. Creating and placing strategic content that tells your story and engages your audience is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. From press releases, feature articles and blogs to infographics, interviews and videos, we have the expertise and tools to create a varied and strategic content plan.


We have spent over a decade perfecting our strategic process. We will create a holistic communication strategy that is tailored specifically for your brand, audience and objectives, guiding and collaborating with you every step of the way. From traditional PR and media liaison to digital PR, brand and marketing strategies, we have the experience to be the partner for all of your strategic communication needs.

Each strategy is tailored depending on your needs, whether you require an influencer campaign and marketing or speaking engagements and workshops, we make sure that your strategy makes sense for your brand and business goals.