peter ndahiro
Ndahiro Peter

Quit social media before you can't

Every so often, you will find a young person that is neither a #RwOT nor a Rwandan on Instagram.

david musoke
David Kezio-Musoke

COME 2018: Here are my high and lows of 2017!

THIS piece is purely satire and despite the fact that I wrote it with all the seriousness it deserves the subjects and the awards are based on social commentary.

Dr. Joseph R. Nkurunziza
Dr. Joseph R. Nkurunziza

Why Rwanda is a mystery puzzle to the world?

Scanning through most of the international media articles and global analyses, concerning the just ended election on the 4th of August 2017, I realized that Rwanda as a country and her people is st

david musoke
Kezio-Musoke David

As the polls close, what did foreign journalists miss-out, on Rwanda’s elections?

Today I brazed the scorching sun and traversed through four polling stations in Kabeza and Kanombe, as Rwandans went to the polls.

sonia tona
Sonia Tona

‘Miss Rwanda’ is great but is it really well tailored for its targeted consumer?

A procession of beautiful girls dawning colorful evening gowns as they walk the runway, has been a few of the many highlights of Miss Rwanda events over the years.

julius mbaraga
Julius Mbaraga

Marriott courting a Kigali ‘millennial’ guest list

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are those born between 1980 to the early 2000s.

david musoke
Kezio Musoke

MTN Rwanda to launch mobile micro loans early this year

MTN Rwanda will early this year launch its ground breaking mobile micro - savings and loans product, the company’s chief executive has confirmed.

Dr. Joseph R. Nkurunziza
Dr. Joseph Ryarasa Nkurunziza

The intricacies of relocating Kigali businesses from residential to commercial buildings

On the 5th January 2017, Rwandans woke up to the news that all businesses (including NGOs), operating in residential houses, have three months to relocate to commercial buildings.[1] In the article

joe sabiti
Joe Sitati

Who said the customer comes first?

The customer, to me, in most instances is part of the problem and should carry part of the blame. It is a mere gimmick meant to sooth the ego of customers.

Mark Mugarura

Must I first own a company to get the recognition associated with being a “successful entrepreneur”?

Whenever you talk about entrepreneurship, immediately you think of startups, starting from scratch, young ambitious companies, 1 man shows and that kind of thing.

Sunny Ntayombya
Sunny Ntagombya

When did PR become such a bad thing anyway?

Last week when I discussed the recent Economist article, ‘Look before you leap; The notion of leapfrogging poor infrastructure in Africa needs to come back down to earth’, I noticed that various co