Top 10 things you need to know about MTN Rwanda’s MoKash

Imagine being stranded, you cant pay school fees or your DSTV subscription has been cut-off. Beyond misery is when you rush to your ATM only to find the machine is down and guess what, it’s the weekend … no one is at work. You probably need a small loan BUT the loan shark will ask for a lump sum 30 percent interest. Here is when MoKash comes in handy. MoKash, a micro savings and loans product, that was recently launched by MTN Rwanda in partnership with Kenya’s CBA. It might as well be the solution to these kinds of scenarios.

Understanding the PR landscape in Rwanda

Once it was believed that PR practice in Rwanda is a profession of beautiful smiles and pretty faces. Some of the ‘would-be’ clients of such services might not necessarily understand the trade and might not see any reason why they would procure PR professional services.

With the inclusion of multi-national brands in the hospitality industry like Marriott and Radisson Blu and more government private partnerships attracting more foreign investments Kigali would certainly demand for more professional PR expertise.

Rwanda In 2017

Here in Rwanda we certainly had some interesting and positive highlights of 2016 and here are some of the very few. A Portuguese company signed a deal to build a state-of-the art airport in Bugesera. The majestic Kigali Convection Center opened doors for the African Union summit. Earlier on it would host the World Economic Forum, boosting the vision of attracting more business tourists.

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